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Our interests do change as do our passions. I'm still passionate about software development, technology and teaching. As an undergraduate, I read quite a few programming magazines and was adamant about game programming.   Recently, I stumbled across these magazines in an online format.  I downloaded and reread them.  It's amazing how far we've come. 

Working with young people has given me a new view on how they are using technology, re-purposing tools in new and interesting ways, and drawing on my game development experience from early-on, it is easy to see how they are influenced by the technology of today. Often it is simply because when one comes across a tool and isn't quite sure how to use it, but they find a way to utilize it, they may very well have made a single-task tool a multi-purpose tool. It is exciting to watch people discover new and interesting ways of using technology.

In my technology classes I often reminded my students that we're not only looking at how society is influencing technology, but also the way in which technology is influencing society.  Whether or not we've embraced the twitter-verse or become a fan of Facebook isn't important; we need to look at whether society has and how society has used these tools to shape the ways in which the tool evolves.

I can't wait to see what comes next!