One of my fondest memories of my college career is writing small programs for myself. Many times people view programming or software engineering as a 9-5 job; you program while at work, then go home and have nothing to do with computers.  Where's the passion?

On this page are a few of my more recent apps.  Lately I've been into Android programming, mostly for myself...not necessarily something I will put in the marketplace (sorry, "Google Play") but at the moment, I haven't done so.

Check out the following apps


(includes sample code)

Other apps do exist, but they are not necessarily standalone apps.  For example, I wanted to experiment with BlueTooth and wrote a small class that would connect my wiimote to my android and scroll the contact list.  Not sure I would ever use this for real, but it was fun to do just to see if I could get it to work.  Likewise, I'm not sure what I would ever use my Android Theremin for, but I played with the accelerometer and began generating tones based on movement...of course it didn't really work like a theremin, but it's fun to pretend; besides, I'm now ready to do the score for the next UFO movie. 

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